For any change to occur, participants from all levels of the organization must be involved. Actions, such as envisioning, discussions, measurements, evaluations, workshops, coaching, experiential learning, mentoring, and modeling, all generate the momentum to move you forward.

Where we are, where we want to go and how to get there…
The entire process begins with a goals and objectives conversation with the leadership team. Then, a baseline measurement of norms and expectations is taken to provide a picture of the current, dominant culture and your organization's ideal culture.
Focal points and directions for change are defined with measurements, high-level strategy sessions, the vision process and the Balanced Scorecard.

Champion Leadership
Why you get the results that you do and how to get what you want…
Leadership behaviors are put under the microscope in this dynamic two-day experience. Understand how your current approach shapes the performance of others, assess your impact and learn strategies with a step-by-step blueprint.

Team of Champions
Constructive groups with a results focus…
Personal accountability is lacking in most organization's teams. During this powerful one-day workshop about team dynamics, participants can increase their own commitment with effective attitudes and behaviors, ultimately achieving strategic goals.

Creating a Champion
Practical coaching plan to empower individuals…
Performance is always an issue, but now there is a way to bolster it through individual responsibility. This intensive one-day course pinpoints personal thinking styles and guides employees toward constructive behaviors.

Participaction Champion Leadership Team of Champions Creating a Champion
Audience Middle to senior managers and those with influence on the strategic direction Individual team members, intact teams, or team leaders at any level. Any individual who is held accountable for their performance
Length 2 day 1 day 1 day
Group Size 10 to 24 participants 6 to 24 participants 10 to 30 participants
Focus Assistance in targeting relevant goals
Insight to effectiveness as a leader
Impact on others
Strategies and techniques
Build interdependencies based on trust and truth to effectively operate as a constructive team
The way we choose to relate with our teammates and to the task at hand is what drives high performance.
New thinking about team dynamics and new tools to work toward the ideal
Taking personal responsibility and accountability for your performance
Outcomes An understanding of how the nuance of leadership impacts the performance of direct reports
An understanding of ten key strategies for creating a constructive impact as a leader
Step-by-step blueprint
An understanding of key roles and the process for effective decision making
A model for constructive behavior
Self leadership and interpersonal effectiveness
Individual contribution and personal accountability
Insight into effective attitudes and behaviors and how they impact team performance
Understanding of a simple new model to use as a powerful foundation for collaboration
Increased personal accountability to contribute to your team's results
Enhanced capability to draw on your own inner wisdom and others' experience
Deepen your own contribution and increase personal satisfaction
New levels of collaboration and achievement
An understanding of self-leadership or the "leader within" and how your attitudes and behaviors impact your performance and motivation
Create a personal path for self-development
Organization Benefits

When Leaders can:
Create and share the commitment
- Encourage commitment, involvement and contribution
- Coach and mentor for maximum performance
- Empower and motivate subordinates to take ownership and to achieve
- Model the way

Increased employee commitment to collective goals
Greater capability for breakthrough results
Stronger team synergy and collaboration
Deeper knowledge about the business
More powerful, appropriate task/people balance
Less team meetings, more successful implementation of team-based solutions
Improved team, leadership and entrepreneurial skills
A strong commitment to organizational objectives
A superior ability to accept organizational change
An astute ability to select and develop high performers
Increased initiatives in areas of accountability
Individual Benefits When Managers enable them to:
- Share the vision
- Achieve their career goals
- Develop themselves professionally
- Improve performance
- Build confidence
New perspective on personal accountability
Increased understanding of effective attitudes and behaviors and their impact on team performance
Enhanced capability to draw on personal experience and inner wisdom
A simple actionable process for decision-making, problem-solving and managing relationships
Break through obstacles to achieve and maintain peak performance
Increased personal satisfaction
Establish action plans to achieve personal potential
More effective in job interactions
Sense of ownership, trust, control and purpose
Career vitality

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