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Feedback, Referrals, Testimonials

Royal Bank, June 1997

  • ….. "Both Myrna Ain and Nora Seymour have worked closely with our Systems and Technology executives and with my colleagues in the Royal Learning Network to help us achieve our culture change and realize our people development vision…

  • We consider Myrna and Nora to be our partners and colleagues, both demonstrate high integrity and are focused on delivering a system that works.

  • Their work with us has focused on the areas of competency models, competency training, culture change, constructive styles of leadership behaviour, relationship management, sales management and now we are exploring career systems.

  • All of my colleagues at Royal Learning Network would recommend their services."
    Shelley Lockhart


  • "The session of two days was well rounded with respect to the amount and sequence of material…"

  • "Most participants felt that the material covered was extremely relevant in that they could relate it to their past experiences and as well, appreciate the opportunities of how they could change their ways in the future (self-motivation, self-reliance, etc.)."

  • "The amount of interaction required of the participants with their co-workers was also highly appreciated. It provided an opportunity to learn a lot more about themselves, their responsibilities, their strengths, weaknesses, etc.

  • "My team's focus and confidence level have been raised, and so have results."

  • "I ask more questions of the managers instead of answering everything. When they make decisions on their own, I always make sure I use positive acceptance statements."

  • "I have become more accountable to myself instead of to others."

  • "I take control of myself and my work and focus less on what others are thinking."

  • "I do less putting off of unpleasant tasks and don't focus as much on external rewards/consequences."

  • "I concentrate more on having my day-to-day functions fit into my overall goals."

IOF, March 2002

  • Dear Myrna:

    Upon reaching another milestone in our Leader Within journey, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Nora for the excellent work you have done with us, our staff and management teams over the past few years.

    It is hard to believe that in August of 1999 we started offering the Leader Within program across our respective IT departments. With us both being new to the organization, the challenge was large and at times appeared to be insurmountable. How could we move to a new way of working with each other? The survey results showed the truth, we were operating with stronger tendencies towards opposition, avoidance, dependence and convention. How could we move to our IT department ideal which included an emphasis on qualities such as encouragement, self-actualization, achievement and affiliation? Viewing our team assessments now, you would be surprised at how much we have accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

    With your support and encouragement we have kept the Leader Within concepts and beliefs alive. Encouraging staff and management to take responsibility and be open to each other, new ideas and ways of doing things has helped us move forward in major ways. Our Leadership Impact initiative has further helped us identify as management teams where we want to go and how we will get there.

    Thank you for giving us the blueprint we needed to make these major shifts in our departments. Our staff and management team has the utmost respect for you and the work you have done with us at IOF. Above all else, thank you for your continued support, optimism, flexibility and sound advice.

    Yours truly

    Donna Ingram
    Director, Application Services

    Shelley Wilkinson
    Director, Systems Operations

American Airlines, May 2000

  • "Building a change strategy on current, broadly understandable data about where the corporation is gives an immense boost to direction and action. Michael O'Brien provides such measurement insight. His reflective information creates a foundation for moving the leadership agenda forward."

    James R. Powers, Ph. D.
    Managing Director
    Organization Performance

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